LUMAG AG Roggliswil
We look after your machines

40 years of experience in the machine industry

Welcome to LUMAG AG! We are your go-to specialist for everything you need for machine tools.
We have been making a name for ourselves in machine overhauls and scraping for over 40 years. We can look back on ten successful years in machining on site. Our acquisition of Spindelrevisionen Swiss AG and the establishment of the associated new building in Roggliswil in 2022 opened another chapter in our company’s history. Since then, we have also been looking after the heart of machine tools - the tool spindle.
Satisfied clients and staff are our top priorities. Our long-standing customer contacts and loyal staff with a great wealth of experience attest to this.

For precise, reliable and durable machines


At LUMAG AG, we look after your machines. We maintain and repair them – either directly on-site at your premises or in our modern factory workshop in Roggliswil. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Technical work on bushings, Hatebur machines, machine geometry and touching material
  • Machine overhauls and transport
  • Spindle overhauls
  • Machining on-site at your premises – including drilling, lathing, working on spindles or metal spraying
  • Grinding
  • Assembly work

Our expertise for your machines

Areas of work

The condition of your machines is extremely important to us. We apply our extensive expertise and many years of experience to a wide range of work.