For precise


Do you want to produce parts with the highest accuracy? If so, you need to be able to measure them reliably. Hard stone measuring plates made of granite are the first choice for this application, but the process is only as good as the surface on which the measurements are carried out. With our Wyler measuring instruments, we can measure your plate and, if necessary, rework it by lapping. After the measurement or rework is completed, you will receive a report that you can use for a DIN test.

Measuring tables

We can come to you and check and lap your measuring plate, so that you can get back to the desired accuracy and your customers will get the best possible results.
Plates with a length of 400 mm and above are usually lapped on-site at your premises. You can send us smaller ones. You will then receive a top plate back.
If required, we can fill holes with stone adhesive and thus restore the plate to almost new condition.

Stone straight edge

Stone straight edges can be restored to top condition by grinding and lapping.

Measurement angle

Our measuring instruments can also be used to measure angles and correct them if necessary.