On the
safe side

Machine overhaul

Overhauling machine tools is part of our core business – we have specialised in this right from the start. Whether in solving mechanical problems or scraping in tool slides, we have a lot of expertise in all areas. The wealth of our expertise stems from our ability to rely on employees who have been part of LUMAG AG for many years. There are countless machines in use today that owe their longer service life to our staff.
Whether CNC or conventional, we overhaul all common types of machine tool. You are in good hands with us, even if you have problems with the control system or general electrical faults.

Böhringer / MAG / FFG

We are intimately familiar with machines from south German manufacturer Böhringer – later part of the MAG Group and now the FFG Group. Our team includes specialist Böhringer fitters who provide you with specialist support for both mechanical and electrical problems.
It does not matter whether your machine was made in 1950 or before, or it is a fresh installation. Whether you have a veteran machine or some high-tech equipment, we are here for you.

Overhauls worldwide

We at LUMAG AG have already helped customers everywhere on the planet, from the jungle of Venezuela for the construction of a lathe, to Shanghai for the overhaul of a press for the automotive industry. Our fitters are used to staying abroad for prolonged periods of time and will give you support even if you are temporarily unable to provide sufficient staff. Whether you need scraping work to be carried out or need mechanical support - simply ask us, without obligation.

Machine transport

Do you have to reposition a machine in your works, or do you need space for a new purchase? We are happy to help.
With our jacks and heavy-duty rollers with a capacity of up to twenty tonnes, we can set up existing or new machines in the desired location. We drill holes as required, providing levelling if necessary. We provide you with all the quotations you need relating to transport - all from a single source. In this way, you are ready to get back to work as soon as possible.
If you need to transport a machine by road to a new location, we will be happy to take care of the organisation.