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LUMAG AG has been around for over 40 years. Since its beginning as a one-man business in a small garage in Reiden, it has turned into a company with fifteen staff, operating worldwide. We are constantly expanding our lines of business. Hatebur-Lumag Services was founded in 2008 – specialising in mobile machining on-site. In 2021, we acquired Spindelrevisionen Swiss AG. Since then, we have been overhauling tool spindles in our specially built workshop.


Welcome to LUMAG AG. We are a team of specialists with tremendous expertise in machine tools. What do you need? Adrian Luternauer will be happy to help you with it!

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Spindelrevisionen Swiss AG moved from Kriens to the new building in Roggliswil.


Extension to the existing LUMAG hall workshop for Spindelrevisionen Swiss AG, with an office and storage area of around 800 m2.


Acquisition of Spindelrevisionen Swiss AG, specialising in machining machine tool spindles.


Management of LUMAG AG taken over by Michael and Adrian Luternauer, the sons of company founder Roland Luternauer. 


Founding of Hatebur-Lumag Services AG, offering mobile machining on-site.


New construction and occupation of the new factory workshop (500 m2, 30 tonne crane) in Roggliswil.


First transatlantic project in the USA.


Sole trader Roland Luternauer becomes LUMAG AG. In the meantime, Hatebur is travelling throughout Europe.


First cooperation with Hatebur. Over time, they became the most important partner.


First employee hired thanks to a constantly rising order book.


Construction of a workshop of around 80 m2 – right next to the residential building in Roggliswil.


Foundation of Roland Luternauer, a sole trader company. First workshop in a garage in Reiden.


In 2003, we built a workshop at the Roggliswil site at Birchmatte 9. It has an area of around 500 m2. There is enough space to carry out all machine tool overhauls, scrape parts and even assemble new machines.

A 30-tonne crane is installed in the workshop that can be used to lift extremely heavy parts.

In 2022, we moved into our new workshop for overhauling machine tool spindles. The controlled climate in the new building provides the conditions for very precise work in the range of 0.001 mm.

Transport bus

Our transport bus makes it possible to transport very large parts directly from the customer to the workshop. In an overhaul, this saves costs, because customers do not have to pay for travel and expenses every day.

Parts weighing up to 1,400 kg can be transported by bus, and an additional 2,150 kg can be transported by trailer.